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People Mover Automated People Mover (APM) Systems

Automated People Mover Systems


Since 1981, MHI has successfully produced and delivered driverless, automated transit systems for the Asian and worldwide markets. Prior to expanding into the global market, MHI was actively involved in the development and implementation of several major Japanese APM system projects that were based on the standard Japanese APM design (Hiroshima Rapid Transit No. 1 Line, Kanazawa Seaside Line, Kobe New Transit Rokko Island Line, New Transit System Tokadai Line, and the Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line (YURIKAMOME).

The Crystal Mover





The Crystal Mover is the latest evolution in the family of MHI automated transit systems and represents the culmination of years of focused research and development efforts to improve upon the standard Japanese APM design. 

The Crystal Mover is a fully automated, rubber tired vehicle that travels on its own dedicated guideway. The system operates using proven signaling systems and provides a flexible, efficient, and reliable transportation solution that is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Inter-terminal or terminal-to-remote facility links for airport complexes
  • Links between urban activity centers and conventional transportation nodes
  • Transportation within private development complexes, theme parks, etc.
  • Many other applications that require safe, reliable, effective, and affordable passenger transportation.

The engineering design of the Crystal Mover vehicle ensures safe operation, a comfortable ride, and excellent maintainability, while the unique, clean lines of the "crystal cut" exterior design and distinctive and spacious interior features of the vehicle have been precisely sculpted for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, several vehicle and system features are versatile and can be easily customized and configured to satisfy a wide range of specifications and client requirements.

Taking the Lead in Environmentally-Focused APM System Implementation

MHI continues to break new ground and is pioneering the development of advanced, environmentally focused APM systems that look ahead to the future of "greener" global transportation.

Through the incorporation of innovative new design concepts in on-board battery technology, MHI is clearly stating its commitment to environmental leadership and innovation in the new millennium.

As part of this "greener" system concept, an advanced high-performance lithium-ion battery system (designed to mitigate the high power consumption of conventional wayside power rails) has been incorporated into the state-of-the-art Crystal Mover GREEN APM system developed by MHI. 

Using this design, batteries are recharged during normal station stops. This eliminates the need for conventional power supply from power rails, resulting in a more streamlined system design and increased system safety.

This approach offers several distinct, value-added advantages including, but not limited to, the following:

  •    Improved safety;
  •    Reduced costs;
  •    Reduced guideway size;
  •    Efficient regenerative braking.

During braking, the kinetic energy is efficiently recharged back to the battery through onboard regenerative braking, resulting in at least a 15-40% propulsion power savings compared to the higher power consumption of conventional power rail type systems.

In addition, the Crystal Mover GREEN contributes toward satisfying Credit Category: Energy and Atmosphere (EAc1) under LEED.

The battery system is comprised of fully proven, off-the-shelf components, with the successful performance of the integrated vehicle and system having been well-documented. In addition, this environmentally-friendly battery technology is now considered by transit authorities throughout the U.S. to be fully proven and ready for widespread deployment. Over the next few years, the cost of these batteries will continue to decrease with increased demand.

Furthermore, as part of MHI's commitment to a greener product, the lithium-ion batteries for this system are recyclable, and there are several companies that specialize in lithium-ion battery recycling for corporations, consumers, and municipalities.

By taking full advantage of the benefits lithium-ion batteries provide, MHI has achieved a light, compact, energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly vehicle that can be fully-integrated into the increasingly "green" transportation needs of our society.

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Representative Crystal Mover Installations

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