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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Transportation Systems Division is responsible for the research, development, engineering, marketing, supply, and installation of innovative transit systems for the worldwide market. 


MHI is a global leader in delivering proven transportation solutions, with several decades of experience successfully supplying a broad range of advanced transportation systems for urban (intra-city and inter-city) and airport applications.

MHI's transportation systems have already safely and effectively transported hundreds of millions of passengers, worldwide. Our diverse product portfolio includes innovative Automated People Mover (APM), rail transit, maglev, monorail, and short-haul transit systems.


MHI possesses extensive experience in delivering full turnkey solutions and has successfully implemented complex full turnkey projects in a wide range of challenging environments throughout the world.

Our full turnkey system solutions encompass several core competencies including, but not limited to, project management, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, and Operations & Maintenance.

MHI has comprehensive experience with project financing techniques and various procurement methodologies and approaches (including private financing, public-private partnerships, DBOM, other) and have closely collaborated with and managed complex international and domestic teaming arrangements with various engineering, construction, and other companies.

We offer seamlessly integrated solutions and a wide range of proven technologies and recommendations that fully incorporate key project parameters such as ridership, cost, and system operations and maintenance. MHI further possesses the unique design and engineering capabilities to identify the most effective system alignments (to maximize operational and cost benefits) and develop relevant performance and design specifications and standards. We continually look for ways to optimize all aspects of our work and frequently assume a leadership role in project management and systems design, engineering, integration, testing, and verification.

MHI also has the proven expertise and experience to supply electrical and mechanical systems and provides a wide range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to meet the stringent requirements of our clients. Our O&M approach is predicated upon the core principles of customer service, safety, dependability, value, and comprehensiveness, and we are committed to delivering the highest levels of productivity and staff training for all projects we undertake.


As a worldwide leader, MHI is dedicated to driving innovation, quality, and service in all aspects of our organization. This commitment to quality and innovation is fully realized in the ongoing research and development of state-of-the-art, forward-thinking transportation technologies (such as the Crystal Mover APM system) that anticipate the growing transportation needs of the worldwide market for years to come.

MHI's commitment to the highest levels of customer service ensures that we meet the most stringent of client requirements for system implementation The vast technical resources and experience of the MHI organization further reassure our clients that they will receive a transportation system with the highest level of safety, reliability, and performance delivered on-time and within budget.


When investing in the development of a transportation system of any size or scope, the merits of various suppliers and system technologies must be carefully weighed against each other, so that a well informed decision can be made. There are several factors that firmly place MHI in a leadership role.

Excellent Reputation and Proven Technology

MHI has a worldwide industry reputation for the quality, innovation, safety, and maintainability of its transportation systems. With several decades of proven design, development, construction, installation, testing, commissioning, and Operations & Maintenance expertise, MHI is a recognized and established industry leader.

MHI's proven systems possess an impressive track record of performance that demonstrates sustained success. Other, more recent system technologies that have only been on the market for a few years may present unforeseen (and unwelcome) problems at a later stage.

Unwavering Dedication to Customer Service

MHI's core philosophy and dedication to prompt and effective customer service and satisfaction places us a "cut above" in our industry, which is critical for long term system sustainability and potential system expansion. Failure to provide timely and effective customer service can prove to be extremely costly and may even offset the seeming advantage of lower initial system capital costs. MHI is committed to working closely with our clients, vendors, and team members to ensure the success of every project that we undertake.

Corporate Strength and Financial Stability

Selecting a well established, financially sound system supplier with extensive corporate resources is an important aspect of project implementation that should not be overlooked.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) was founded in 1950 and (as of March 2007) has over 32,000 employees and a capitalization of over 265 billion yen.

MHI has eight domestic (Japan) offices, eight overseas locations, six major research and development centers, and nine major works/factories.

Our clients can rest assured and have full confidence in the strength and financial resources of the MHI organization, which is yet another unique asset that can be leveraged to ensure the success of transportation projects of any scope or size.

Commitment to Innovation

As part of its core philosophy, MHI is dedicated to driving innovation.

Our Crystal Mover APM technology already represents the state-of-the-art in advanced, forward thinking transit systems design, and our cutting-edge HSST maglev technology and other advanced technologies are further pushing the envelope of design innovation.

Furthermore, our new JTRAM 100% low-floor light rail vehicle is designed with a proprietary bogey system (to allow for ultra low floor operation) and the capability for environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery operation.

As we enter the new era of increasingly eco-friendly transportation, MHI will continue its work on newer, more innovative, environmentally responsible, and energy efficient transportation systems delivering clever, cutting-edge solutions to our clients that will truly stand the test of time.


For more information, please visit the Transportation Systems section of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. website.

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